This little book was a surprise. It is not just for broadcasters or public speakers, but anyone living in the United States who speaks English. What seems initially to be only a listing of trite, hackneyed, overused and incorrect words and phrases turns out to be quite an amusing as well as informative read. One can recognize most of the author’s examples in our everyday speech, as well as some of the dribble we hear on radio and TV by so called professionals. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud at some of these. Read this book and get educated, as well as highly entertained.

Steven Rose (cardiologist)

I am a writer, and I keep a copy on my desk for quick reference. I use it every day that I write, and I can honestly say that it makes me a better writer. I am about to publish my first book, and when I got my hands on Lang’s Now You’re Talkin’, I did an extensive rewrite and can’t believe all the changes I made. I can say without reservation that Now You’re Talkin’ made my book a heck of a lot better than it was just two weeks ago…Now You’re Talkin’ is highly readable — it is informative and funny. If you are a writer or broadcaster, and are trusted by the public to use the English language correctly, this book is a must.

Patrick M. Blackburn (author)

How many times have you been listening to a person on radio or TV and made the comment, “What did he/she just say?” How many times have you been the person doing the talking and say, “What did I just say?” Now You’re Talkin’ is a must for anyone in the business of making a living with words. I had the pleasure of working with Bob Lang during his early days of radio at KTRB in Modesto, California. The material in his book is gathered from first-hand experience as an “on air” personality and as an instructor in the mass media field. Bob knows of what he writes! I highly recommend this resource to help us all clear up air pollution.

Derek R. Waring (administrator and former radio announcer)

Each chapter presents different situations: misused phrases, incorrect spelling, filler phrases, foreign words, and many other dilemmas we tend to encounter on a daily basis, whether we know it or not. As a Communication Studies student in college, this book will be extremely useful as a tool for writing essays, for giving presentations, and even for job interviews.

Zach (student)

What a pleasure to read! Mr. Lang has given me a book to keep by my computer for those times when I just know I’m saying it wrong, and need a guide to help me get my comments just right! CONGRATS! As valuable as my dictionary.

Kathleen Laubacher (high school teacher)

Today at the meeting of the Valley Broadcast Legends I picked up Bob Lang‘s new and revised Now You’re Talkin’, a style guide for media professionals. Along with the NBC Guide to Pronunciation, this is an invaluable aid for anyone who opens their mouth to speak. Since my studio shoot this afternoon, I’ve not left my seat enjoying each morsel, cleverly presented in Bob’s singular voice which you hear as you read each line. Much of my childhood classic movie watching was on KTXL-TV 40 and it was always Bob’s voice telling us which one would be next in the summer classic line-up. He knows his stuff.

Matias Bombal (producer, director, movie critic)