About the Book

Now You’re Talkin’ –

  • For those who’ve entered the broadcast industry and want to maintain their credibility as spokespeople.
  • For those who write copy or news articles or magazine stories or speeches for others.
  • For those who present seminars and lectures, facilitate classroom discussion, or otherwise speak for a living.
  • For those who become irritated at their televisions when the local weather person pronounces it as “tempature.”
  • For any person regarding himself as a student of our language.


Now You’re Talkin’ is the first language usage style guide conveniently segmented into several mini-dictionaries, each with entries in alphabetical order.  Now You’re Talkin’ is a valuable reference for broadcast professionals, presenters and speakers, writers and wordsmiths as well as those who listen to radio, watch TV, read books and news publications, and participate daily in discussion and conversation.  The information is presented in a casual manner easy to comprehend by pro and apprentice alike.